Swim Better Through Practice and Coaching

Swim Better Through Practice and Coaching

Posted on by Jaeden

When it comes to improving at any sport, practice is going to take you much further than you had imagined. Children who find they are very good at a particular sport may think they do not need any coaching. But those are the years when coaching matters even more. If you have a kid who is great at swimming, it is time to enroll them in a proper swim club.

Perks of Swim Clubs

The truth is that a typical elementary or middle school is not going to deliver a solid swim program. Even private schools will have kids swimming no more than a couple of weeks in the year. They will focus on other sports and activities.

If your child loves swimming and they are very good, you owe it to them to look at the swim clubs in your area. Enrolling in a swim club is not just about swimming a couple extra hours a week. It is about them engaging with other kids who are good at the sport and learning from top notch coaches who have experience in training and improving the swimming of younger kids.

swim video analysis

Video Analysis

When you are able to analyze your previous performances, you will be in a position to iron out mistakes. And when it comes to swimming technique, swim video analysis is very helpful. Utilizing this tool, coaches are able to view student’s strokes and turns from under the water allowing them to discover and highlight areas for improvement that would normally be hidden from view.

Competitive Swimming

Another key to improving a child’s swimming performance is to have them compete against others of a similar level. When your child is tested in timed events, they will naturally want to improve and get faster. And since they are competing with those on a similar level, they will never feel they are “too good” or “much worse” than everyone else!