Moving On Up to Notary Public

Moving On Up to Notary Public

Posted on by Jaeden

Perhaps you have spent a great deal of time dealing with paperwork and contracts either in your present job or a previous one. If you liked doing that, there are ways to offer your services to others. You could offer to write up contracts prior to having them authorized and edited by an attorney. You could offer to consolidate paper records into digital form.

You can witness signatures of documents as a Notary Public too if you want. First things first, you will need to get registered and certified. All this takes is a bit of online education and then an application. Soon, you will become a notary public in NYC and you can begin charging up your services as an esteemed notary.

Alright, so maybe it is not that prestigious, but it sure does come in handy for making a few extra dollars here and there. Besides, you are providing a good service by offering to witness the signatures of important documents. You are the one that people trust when they are closing a deal of any kind. This could be as compelling as a sales deal or as morose as divorce contracts.

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No matter what, your job is to witness closure to certain contracts. You may also be witnessing the beginning of such things too. Either way, your services are required and it will be a good thing that you had the prior experience of working through the paperwork of a job. Now you will be able to understand that notaries are needed.

This public service of being notary can also open up some additional employment opportunities for you. Many clerical services and mail offices are hiring Notaries in order to have one on staff at all times. For private contracts generated outside of the office, you can usually charge additionally for your services.